February 12, 2010

Wedding Recaps: Gettin' Ready Part 1

Wow, it's hard to believe that I've been married for 62 days already! I know I have been terribly lazy about blogging and posting my wedding recaps, but who knew life as a newlywed could be so hectic??

I'm so excited to begin sharing my wedding recaps with you. I have to say, the morning of my wedding was not what I envisioned, but nonetheless, I had a blast.

First of all, Cape Cod Groom and I had originally planned to keep with tradition and spend the night before our wedding apart, so we would not see each other until the ceremony. But with all the stress of the wedding, we both really wanted to unwind our best friend, each other! So we decided to say eff tradition and I spent the night with him at our swanky hotel. I have to say, it was the best decision we could have made. We relaxed, had a great night's sleep, slept in, and even had time to go to breakfast together on the morning of our wedding!

Then we went to my family's house, where I met up with my sister/MOH, her boyfriend, my mom, my hairstylist and makeup artist.  One of our groomsman, my cousin, and a few other friends & family members were there as well. At first I couldn't believe that the morning of my wedding was spent with a group of guys, but again, who needs tradition? We had fun, they helped ease my nerves, and we watched Four Christmases (I heart Christmas movies) while I got my hair did.

Our amazing photographer, Seth Kammueller, was there to capture the morning. Here are some of the highlights, before I put on my gown (saving that for another post!). 

The MOH and I get our hair did:

A giggly MOH

Let the sausage fest begin!

 The gentlemen arrive

 A happy groom

The groom & groomsman

The groom and MOH are all smiles

The MOH and her BF

Makeup time with the fantastic Samantha Spearin!

Lovin my hair in this first one, props to the great Jessica DiGravio:

A few more tidbits:

My fuel. It wouldn't be a New England wedding without the Dunk!



  1. OMG your hair was gorgeous. I'm tempted to add tracks just so I can do the same thing. Beautiful!!!!!

  2. Wow! Your hair looks amazing, and it looks like the whole morning was so much fun. I can’t wait to see more of your pictures! :)

  3. Your hair was awesome! I love it! Great sneak peek. =)

  4. Can't wait to see you in your dress. Your hair looks so pretty, and I love those earrings.

    I am also a huge Christmas movie fan.

    P.s. Sausage fest - Bah haha

  5. Your hair style was so gorgeous and unique! I love it. Where did you get the inspiration???

  6. Goodness gracious. Your hair was stunning! I absolutely love everything about it! So pretty!

  7. Aww.. your hair looked awesome! :)


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