April 29, 2010

Rustic Wedding Inspiration: Wine Barrels!

A friend of mine from grad school and I were recently discussing her vision for her fall 2011 Chicago nuptials.  She told me about the perfect venue she'd found, which she described as beautiful and full of "rustic romance."  I too, adore weddings with rustic elegance, which got me thinking about how to further incoporate this idea into a wedding theme.

When I recently came across a great way to include wine into this theme, via my favorite wine brand, Red Truck (see related post over at my other blog, The Lovely Nester), I knew I just had to share it with the masses.

Red truck winery sells barrels of their most popular wines, which hold appoximately 4 bottles of wine. The wooden keg is so charming, that I knew it would make a fabulous centerpiece on each reception table.

Another reason to buy Red Truck wine is its affordability, which is important to any budget-minded bride, as well all know that alcohol costs can eat a large chunk of your funds.  Most of their bottles cost around $10, and when you buy a barrel, the price drops to about $7. How great would it be to get one barrel of white and one barrel of red for each table, and allow guests to serve themselves from the spout?

One of the best reasons, though, is that Red Truck strives to be an environmentally friendly company.  All of their wines are certified vegan, meaning that no animal products are used during the filtration process (yes, that really happens!). Furthermore, they recently launched a new line of exclusive organic wines, called Green Truck.

And, if you still need further inspiration of how the wine barrel would fit perfectly with a vineyard wedding, check out this inspiration board, courtesy of Style Me Pretty.



  1. Those barrels are really cute! We’re using a wine theme for our own wedding, which is coming up in just a little over a month.

  2. Great idea for a centerpiece! Good find!

  3. Great article and those barrels are really looks awesome can't wait try these theme in mine brother wedding and every got the big surprise.

  4. Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing how you did it. So lovely I'm sure your guest will love it. My personal favorite is the addition of the ornaments. Thanks for posting.

  5. This tool looks as though it will be perfect. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

    Susan Graham

  6. Love the garden roses in the bridal bouquet!

  7. This is a budget friendly idea and the barrel can turn the table setting into something more extraordinary. I love this idea and with the right flowers and color of the table, it will certainly look elegant. The rustic decor works great for different occasions like weddings.

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