April 25, 2010

Wedding Season Oh'Ten!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post folks. Turns out this grad school thing is hard work! Ok, I already should have known that since I'm in my 4th year, but it's the end of the semester, which equal finals time (boo!). I have some ideas for great posts in my head though, which I promise to churn out soon.

On the plus side, wedding season is near!  I want to give a special shout-out to my friend Cupcake Wedding, whose wedding will be my first of the season (we go way back to our liberal arts college days).  I cannot wait to attend her nuptials next month in Florida and rock out with her!

My hubby and I have reserved our hotel room, purchased our plane tickets, and I recently ordered her gifts from her Macy's registry. We are pretty much all set to go (still need to get a rental car), and I purchased this pretty ditty from J.Crew to wear on the big day, which I'm gonna glam up with accessories:

To me the dress is perfect for her wedding as it's bright, pink, and fun, themes I know her wedding is all about.  I still have to buy a killer outfit for her bachelorette party pub crawl, though, which gives me a great excuse to go shopping soon! I'll certainly need some retail therapy after the end of finals!

Do you have lots of weddings to attend this season? Which one are you most excited about?


  1. That dress is CUTE! I love J. Crew.
    This year is pretty slow for weddings. We don't have any to attend that I know of as of now. I think we're pretty much the last couple of all our engaged friends to tie the knot. :)

  2. Love that dress :) Yes, I have have 5 weddings this year! 3 down, 2 more to go! I love weddings though so I don't mind! :) Enjoy your time in Florida for your friends wedding!

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