July 14, 2011

Hello Again!

I'm sure my readers probably thought I had given up on this blog. Perhaps part of me had. But I decided that this is the only thing in my life that allows me to express and explore my creative side. So I'm not going to give it up! I plan to return with more posts to inspire all you future brides!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some tidbits that might help those of you who a) are chronic worrywarts like myself b) have just turned into one since getting engaged or c) can officially label yourself a bridezilla :)

Here is what I've learned in my absence:
  • I know everyone says it, but the marriage is much more important than the wedding day! As much as you are stressing about centerpieces and stationary, try to accept the fact that it won't be perfect, but that's what will make it memorable.
  • I miss creative blogging. Looking at pictures of pretty things is very relaxing and a good form of stress relief. So current bridal bloggers - don't feel bad about spending so much time blogging/swooning over wedding collages!
  • I realized that blogging doesn't have to be all or nothing. I used to be obsessed with ideas for my next post and felt like I constantly had to be an "idea machine." Now I realize it's ok to blog less frequently whenever I'm feeling inspired.
  • Nostalgia is nice. I'm glad I created this blog about a major life event. I'm happy I have something tangible that allows me to look back on my journey and reminisce. I think you will feel the same way after your wedding.
  • Wedding blogs are like a built in support group. Having a group of women to commisserate with over inane wedding details that no one else cares about is a great form of therapy. The fact that most ladies manage to stay interesting, funny, and kind while planning a wedding is the best reason I can think of to keep blogging!
So to those of you who have gotten married since my last post one year ago - congrats!!! And to the rest - don't stop following wedding blogs, they will help keep you sane :)

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