August 22, 2011

Announcing My New Company: Viator Gear!

Hi blog readers! Today's blog post is very exciting for me. My husband, Toby, and his friend Nolan have created a new company called Viator Gear, of which I am officially Vice President of Public Relations!

Toby and Nolan have collectively traveled over 1 million miles by land, air and sea. They know how difficult traveling can be, especially these days. That's why they decided to make a new website that sells products that they know are essential to improving your travel experience. 

So how does this pertain to all you brides out there? Well most brides I know travel for their honeymoon, and have several out-of-town guests/bridal party members attend their nuptials. With all the stresses associated with planning your wedding, worrying about traveling should not be one of them. I can fully support this statement having planned a destination wedding myself!

Check out this nifty mosaic I made featuring some of the products our new site sells. Some of these products would also be great in a gift basket for out-of-town guests, or as attendant favors!

Photos from center, then clockwise from top left: Ladies, nothing is more exhausting than your wedding day, trust me. When you arrive at the airport and grab your post-wedding cup of joe, don't worry about spilling on your cute honeymoon outfit. Put in a convenient luggage cup holder. All you germaphobic couples will love a toothbrush sanitizer. A colorful jewelry organizer is a must for your honeymoon, and also makes a great bridesmaid gift! A travel steamer is a must for keeping your date night outfits wrinkle-free, while saving precious time to spend with your new spouse! Also, don't forget to weight your luggage before heading to the airport, so you don't get slammed with extra baggage fees!

The green wallet is not your average wallet, it actually blocks RFID's, protecting you from people trying to scan your personal information off your license/passport. Protect your iPad/latop with a cute white patent case. Gift your new hubby with a trendy monochromatic passport case. No these, are not coloful light bulbs. They are 3 ounces containers, perfect for carrying on your fave shampoos, body washes, etc. Hotel rooms never having enough outlets is no longer a problem with this USB Power Pirate.

Finally, a tolietry organizer is a must for ensuring that your essential beauty products do not spill all over your suitcase. Ever notice how planes are freezing? Nothing is better than a microbial fleece blanket to help you arrive warm and healthy to your destination! If you're going out of the country for your wedding or honeymoon, don't forget electronic converters, so you can use all your devices without frying them!

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  1. So glad to reconnect with you, and congrats on the launch of the company! It sounds fabulous. I'm still blogging @ Bicoastal Bride and also launched a new blog, High Heels & Flip-Flops, a couple weeks ago.


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