November 21, 2009

Going Against the Grain: A Guest Book Box

My fiance and I decided to forgo a traditional  guest book, and instead we ordered a guest book box from Etsy vendor Just Wright Boutique, which I previously wrote about. The seller was very accommodating and easy to work with, and we chose the floral design below, but in navy instead of pale blue, to coordinate with our wedding colors.

What I love most about the guest book box is that you can order inserts that allow guests to write a message to the bride and groom and draw a picture of themselves (see insert option in the lower right corner)!

I think this is a fun and creative alternative to a guest book and I hope my guests get as much of a kick out of it as my groom and I do! Hopefully people won't think it's too weird and be party poopers by refusing to draw themselves . . . What do you think? Would you be into this if you were a wedding guest? I'll let you know how things turn out after the wedding!



  1. I love this idea! I definitely am going to do something with the guest book or rsvp where I want the guests to give us some advice or a message. I think your guests will love it!

  2. I think the guest book box is a really cool idea and that design looks great! I don't know if I would necessarily be up for drawing a picture of myself if I were a guest - not because I think it's weird, but because I completely lack artistic talent. If your guests are more artistic though, you could get some fun results.

  3. I can't draw for crap, but this sounds like fun. Sassy stick figure here I come!

  4. Super cute! We've been looking for something different, and so far have only come across doing rocks that people write on. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just ordered one of these for our April Cape did it go over??!

  6. @Anonymous It went over fantastically. It was really fun for me and my hubby to sit down and read everyone's comments and enjoy their artwork after the wedding. I hope you like yours, and congrats on your Cape wedding!


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