November 6, 2009

A Sparkly Send-Off

As sparkler send-offs are becoming ever more popular, and my fiance and I are planning to do one at our wedding, I decided it would be a good idea to post my take on this part of our wedding.

Overall, I had mixed feelings about the sparkler send-off.  On the one hand, I love the way it looks in pictures and think guests will have a lot of fun with it, especially some of my more rowdy friends. I also love that they are super cheap, so they fit with my budget wedding.  For not much money, I think we will get a lot of fun and some hopefully awesome pictures out of them.  My fiance is also very excited about them, and by really excited I mean that he stated that he thinks they are "really cool," which is the most enthused I've seen him about any aspect of this entire shindig.

Conversely, I have the fear of fire being haphazardly waved in the vicinity of my dress, especially by a bunch of people who have been drinking for 8 hours, since we are doing our send-off at midnight. However, I do realize that with proper use, proper being the key, I should not fear about me or my precious dress catching on fire.  I'm also a bit concerned about the set up of the whole thing, and getting everyone to coordinate lighting them simultaneously.  However, I think having a smaller wedding will be an advantage in this situation.  So, I decided to suck it up and order them from Sparkle, and now I'm getting really excited about incorporating them into the wedding. 

My next issue was how to present the sparklers at the reception.  Although I was tempted to buy a cute monogrammed bucket off Etsy, I decided to be more frugal and am going to use a couple of Bell jars that we have laying around in our kitchen.  I will snazz them up a bit with some ribbon I ordered for another project.

And if I'm feeling really crafty, I might even make some cute tags for the sparklers, a la these (though I'll probably just end up making a simple sign): 

Still, despite all this planning, I just hope everything goes smoothly with the sparklers and I look as happy as all the brides I've seen in the photos.  Has anyone else used sparklers at your wedding, or been a guest at one with a sparkler send off? If so, how'd it go?



  1. I really,really,really want to use sparklers for my send off since we're planning on having a July 4th weekend wedding!!

  2. Your idea to present the sparklers is so super cute! And I also have the fear that if we used sparklers, I'd get the sparks on my dress - scary! We are not doing a big send off...I am actually hoping we are the last ones to leave our reception :) I am leaving you a little something on my blog tonight :)

  3. With the sparklers, just make sure everyone knows exactly when to light them, and the bride and groom have to come out right away. They sparklers don't last very long - maybe about a minute - and the air gets filled with smoke quickly. As a wedding photographer, I have seen this happen, and we could not get the shots we wanted because by the time the couple came out, half the sparklers were done and we had a big cloud of smoke.

  4. I love these pictures and I briefly considered doing this-- but it seems like a lot of coordination, which could be a big pain and a lot of work for someone.

  5. P.S. I have tons of sparklers left over from July 4th if you want them.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone! The sparklers I got last about 3 minutes, so we don't have to worry as much about them burning out too quickly. I'm also hoping that because we're having such a small wedding everyone will be able to light them quickly and it wont be as difficult to coordinate.

  7. i love the little tags for the sparklers. adorable!


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