November 11, 2009

My Rehearsal Dress

As you may know if you follow my blog regularly, I went home to the Cape to get some wedding planning done last week. I'm happy to report that it was a very productive visit and great to spend time with my family! One task that got accomplished was picking out my rehearsal dress with my mom, who also got a rehearsal outfit.

Even though we are having our rehearsal dinner catered at a family home instead of going out to a restaurant, we decided that we want to have a more formal dinner. Plus, we are planning on going out afterward to a local bar to meet and greet all of our out of town guests (which is the majority of our guest list), so I wanted to wear something nice.

Since I'm having a winter wedding, I didn't want to wear a summery, all white dress to the rehearsal. I settled upon this dress from White House Black Market, which I liked because it was incredibly slimming and still has a bit of white at the bust to make me feel like a bride.

I also really liked the top because it has a vintage-looking crystal brooch, which I'm having on my wedding accessories as well (clutch, bracelet, shoes), so it fits perfectly with my wedding theme!

How did you decide what to wear for your rehearsal? Was it specific to your wedding theme or a rehearsal theme, or did you just wear whatever you want?



  1. I still have no idea what to wear to our rehearsal :( Will be shopping in the coming months. That dress is so great. I looked in the same store for something for myself and didn't see anything that lept out at me.

  2. OMG that dress is perfect!

    I didn't really go too crazy stressing over my RD dress. i was kinda burnt out after having to worry about my civil ceremony dress, my shower dress, my bachelorette party dress and of course my wedding dress. and i think i didn't have time to figure out what to wear. honestly i couldn't even remember which dress i wore to it until just now. and eeek i'm embarassed to say it's the same dress i wore to my shower! oh the horror...what was i thinking???? lol

    good for you for finding something already :)

  3. I haven't thought of that yet... but that dress for sure is lovely.
    Congrats on your finding.


  4. That's a pretty dress. I didn't realize you need a special outfit for the rehearsal dinner...but this looks like a great excuse to go shopping!

  5. LOVE the dress! Excellent choice :)


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