December 2, 2009

Engagement Photos Sneak Peak

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, folks. Thanksgiving combined with only 11 days until my wedding = total chaos. That being said, Cape Cod Groom and I had a blast this weekend taking our engagement photos with Seth Kammueller, a fantastic Chicago photographer, and I'm excited to share a sneak peak with all of you! Here is a photo of us in the botanical garden in Lincoln Park. 

This is also a big deal for me because it's the first time I'm publishing photos of me and Cape Cod Groom. Granted, this photo still has us somewhat in the distance, but I'm just trying to be a bit of a tease :-) However, I promise to do additional posts containing the rest of the highlights from the engagement session once I have more time on my hands, and I assure you we have some close-ups :-)

Why the change of heart regarding sharing personal photos of me (and my groom) on the blog, you ask? Well, after much internal debate, a blog post, and a discussion of the issue with Cape Cod Groom, we decided that we both feel comfortable having pictures of ourselves on the blog. I mean, we have tons of pictures of ourselves up on Facebook, and since they are already in the permenant abyss of the Internet, why not post them here as well? I think Cape Cod Groom was always more comfortable with the idea than I was, especially since, as he aptly pointed out, we are not revealing our last name.



  1. The photos came out great.

    Can't wait to get you smashed Saturday ;)

  2. Wow! Only 11 days to go? I can’t wait to see more of your engagement shots and soon, your wedding photos! :)

  3. It's really nice! I love the greenery :o)

  4. Beautiful photo! I can't wait to see more!

  5. Can't wait to see more! What an exciting time!!

  6. These engagement shots are gorgeous!


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