December 27, 2009

Engagement Photos: Urban Shots

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! I have decided to finish up all of the posts entailing our engagement photos before I move on to the juicy wedding details (plus, I'm waiting to do so until I receive the professional wedding photos, as it will make it so much easier to have visuals to accompany my descriptions).

Our photographer (Seth Kammueller) was so easy to work with and flexible that he allowed us to go all over Chicago for our pictures. I have already shared the photos from Lincoln Park and it's indoor botanical garden. Here are a few more from Lincoln Park, Wrigley Field, and nearby Belmont Harbor, all special places for me and Cape Cod Groom!

First we went to the lily pond in Lincoln Park for a few last shots at this location:

Next it was off to Belmont Harbor where it was sooooo cold and windy, and I was being stubborn and refusing to wear a coat in 30 degree temperatures, but we are glad we braved the weather for these shots as they are some of our favorites!

We almost got washed away by the waves coming over the side of the walkway, and our photographer's camera got splashed, but this shot is pretty neat:

One of my favorites:

Wrigley Field was our last stop, and despite a rainy morning, the sun finally came out for us!



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