September 27, 2009

Cake Toppers?

With my wedding date less than 3 months away, I suddenly realized one step of wedding planning that had been overlooked: cake toppers!  Since you are probably now well aware of my love affair with Etsy, it should be no surprise that that was the first place I turned to for ideas.  Honestly, I'm not totally set on having a cake topper at all.  They always seemed a bit pointless to me, just another way to throw money down the drain.  And no offense, but if I was going to have one, I certainly was not going to spend a lot of money on a boring silver monogrammed one.  So when I found two vendors on Etsy that make custom cake toppers that represent the bride & groom, I was thrilled.  They meet my AA standards of being both affordable and adorable.  The first set, my favorite, is from Italian designer Samyii.  The next set is from Fancie Fannies Bridal Shop, and cost a mere $20.  Spendid!

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