September 27, 2009

Candy Bar?

I have a question for all you brides out there. How do you feel about a candy bar? I personally think candy bars are a cute, fun, and inexpensive alternative to the traditional pastry/dessert table. Plus they are great for children. I especially like how this one, featured on, fits with a wedding theme, which was an all white wedding (this would be perfect for my winter wedding theme as well!). But aside from all that, I'm not sure if the candy bar is actually worth it. Since it's wedding season, I have been to numerous weddings lately, and I find that with all the appetizers, multi-course dinner, wedding cake, and cocktails, I'm usually stuffed and do not eat from dessert or candy displays.  I fear having a candy bar at my own wedding if most of the candy will not be eaten by the guests. Sure, it is a great alternative to a dessert table, but it's also a waste of money if no one eats it. What do you think, yay or nay?


  1. Truthfully, regarding candy bars...(smile) depends on the type of chocolate.

    I can easily let a Hershey's bar go uneaten...yet let a homemade piece of chocolate or Lindt chocolate go uneaten?? I think not!!! ;-D

  2. If you provide little baggies, then your guests can take the candy home as favors.

  3. Great idea! I think that if there is money left over this is a fun idea, but if I have to cut something, this will probably be the first to go!


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