September 26, 2009

Winter Decorations

Although I love flowers, I also like the idea of nontraditional wedding decorations and centerpieces, especially for winter or fall weddings. There's something about flowers that just feel too summery to me. If you're worried about wanting centerpieces that smell good without having traditional flowers, consider other options, such as cinnamon, lavender, and eucalyptus.

The other bonus is that everything featured here is DIY, and considerably cheaper than purchasing flowers, and, in my opinion, still look fantastic. I have found two great websites for DIY decorations: Nettleton Hollow, based in Brooklyn, and an online store called Save On Crafts. I'm obsessed with all of these great natural, winter wedding ideas, and know that branches will be the focal point of my centerpieces!

Clockwise from top: lavender, Texas tallow berry, mitsumata branches, silver leaves, sierra red manzanita wreathe, cinnamon.

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