October 26, 2009

Don't Forget Stamps!

On the list of things that I think are probably the most overlooked by brides, stamps just has to be one of them.  Perhaps that's because I didn't give a second thought to purchasing stamps until my printer informed me that they would be ready in a week and I wanted to get them mailed as soon as possible.  After a failed attempt to buy the stamps I wanted in the quantity I needed at the post office (and losing a half hour of my life waiting in line), I found it easiest just to go online and order everything from USPS.com, which has a collection of wedding stamps!  If you're in a hurry to get your invites out, make sure you avoid my mistake and think ahead and get your stamps in plenty of time.  I'm majorly hearting these royal love stamps, a new addition to the wedding collection.

Another thing to remember: Weigh your invitation set, as many sets are made of thicker (translation: heavier) paper and/or include lots of additions (RSVP cards, directions, etc.) and that means that your standard $0.44 stamp might not be enough.  I purchased these pretty $0.61 stamps for the outsides of the invitations, and used the royal love stamps for our RSVP card envelopes. Etiquette tip: Don't forget to stamp and include a return address on the outside of your RSVP card envelopes so your guests don't have to do it!



  1. Hi there...saw your recent addition on Blogger Brides and found you over here. :) Excited to catch up on all your wedding planning.

    Another thought regarding stamps: Even if the weight is not over a typical letter, if the invite or STD is a square shape you will be charged more as well. I unfortunately found this out the hard way when I mailed my square STD's out with only one $0.44 stamp only to have almost all 95 of them come back to me for additional postage! UGH! I am also in the process of blogging about this same topic and my own ideas for the stamps on our wedding invites. Hopefully all goes well with your experiences.

  2. Oh that's awful, I didn't realize the shape mattered! Good advice though, thank you!


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