October 22, 2009

Hair Inspiration: Sexy Updos

Another challenge to planning a destination wedding is finding your beauty experts.  There are a lot of bad hairstylists out there, and I was really worried about booking one without ever having seen any of her work.  My main goal was to find someone who does hair in a natural, modern way.  I asked for a recommendation from my makeup artist, with whom I also graduated high school, and she gave me a great referral.

Now there is only one more week until I head out East and have my hair trial. I am eagerly awaiting the appointment, and am really having trouble deciding what I want my look to be. I am strongly leaning towards having an updo, but I love that these are much more tousled, natural looks, as opposed to sleek, tight hairstyles.  As my hair is really fine, it gets straight and flat easily, and I am really digging these voluminous, wavy locks, and hope I could pull something like this off. 

My other dilemma is what to do about hair accessories. I will be wearing a cathedral length veil, so I'm not sure if I even need hair accessories, but if I do I know I want flowers.  I'm going to do other posts about hair flowers (both real and fake), however, so sit tight ladies! I will be sure to post lots of pics from my hair trial, as I'm sure I'll be wanting feedback after!

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  1. I looooooove those updos styles. They look kind of untidy but at the same time so natural and elegant.
    I am really thinking about something like that for myself, however, instead of flowers I was thinking about feathers. I am so into feathers right now :-)). I still have a whole year in front of me, so that might change.
    Don’t forget to share the pictures for the trial.


  2. Oohh feathers would be very cool too. I haven't seen that before and would love pictures if you have any! When is your wedding? It's so hard to choose the right look, I think it just depends what you are going for. I do like the more natural, utidy looks though instead of something tight and full of product. I'll definitely post pics as soon as I can, I can't wait to get feedback :)

  3. While ago I found out about Breeziway. This girl does a very good job with feathers and I posted some of her pictures on my old blog:
    http://theweddingcorner.blogspot.com/2008/12/feathers-anyone.html .

    Then I saw this wedding where the bride was also wearing feather and I was totally in love with it. She looks so pretty. http://theweddingcorner.blogspot.com/2009/03/little-bright-details.html

    I know it is not for everyone and I am not sure how it would look on me, but I think it is very unusual.

    My wedding is planned for October 2010.


  4. Wow, those feather headpieces are awesome! I agree you have to be a certain type of person to pull it off though, I don't think I could. But I'm sure you could also find smaller/more subtle feathers to put in your hair if you have reservations about the bigger headpieces. At least you have plenty of time to think about it. And kudos for not being a summer bride :-)

  5. It's always a scary thought when you have to go outside the circle of vendors you would normally use.


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