October 14, 2009

Vendor I Heart: Punky Jane

Wow, this is a crazy unique idea that I never would have thought of, but am totally loving (I guess this is why I'm a blogger, not an artist!).  Etsy seller Punky Jane makes custom sterling silver jewelry that commemorates or counts down to important dates in the lives of her clients.  I think these would make great presents for the holiday season, birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, weddings! One idea: give these as bridesmaids gifts, having each one mark a special day in their lives, such as the birth of their child.  After all, they always say the best gift you can give a bridesmaid is one that has nothing to do with your wedding!  While you're at it, how fun would it be to purchase one for yourself to count down to your wedding day, and then wear it afterward for sentimental value?  Lastly, don't think that Punky Jane's cute creations are just for ladies.  You can purchase calendar key chains for the men in your life too!  Bonus: he can never again claim to have forgotten your anniversary :)

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