October 12, 2009

Wedding Dress Inspiration: Nature!

I realized today that it is odd that I have a blog devoted to all things wedding and I have not yet had a post about one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning: the dress.  This is probably my first wedding dress post because with only 2 months (yay!) until my wedding to Cape Cod Groom, I have already found my pretty frock.  Yet, just because I have my wedding dress does not mean I've stopped obsessively checking JCrew and other website for their new lines, just to see some lovely dresses to swoon over.  Thus, I decided to share some finds with all the future brides out there who may still be looking for their dream dress.

One trend that I've been noticing lately is how many dresses have elements of the Earth incorporated into them.  Flowers are obviously the most common natural addition to a dress, but recently I've begun seeing other intricacies inspired by Mother Nature, and I have to say, though I never would have thought of them, I am finding myself loving them!

The first three dresses are available at JCrew and, as a winter bride, I think it's hard for brides getting married in this unpopular season to find an appropriate dress.  I like how the first dress has subtle berries at the neckline, and think this would also work well at a fall wedding.  The ruffles on the second dress remind me of snow, and the tiny polka dots on the outside sheathe are just plain adorable.  I chose the next two dresses because they both incorporate flowers, but each in a very different way.  And I am crazy about the bright pink flower on the JCrew dress, this is a great unexpected pop of color that totally works.  The last two dresses are by Pronovias and I love the way the beading on the last dress looks like sea shells.  I could totally picture this dress at a destination or beach wedding! They are all so gorgeous that it's hard to choose my favorite, and I'm glad I don't have to! Which one do you prefer?

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