October 21, 2009

My Shoes!

As a frugal bride, I had several requirements for potential wedding shoes, the foremost of which was price of course.  In addition to being cheap, they needed to be comfortable, have low heels or be flats (for the height and comfort factors), and be navy blue.  Wanting navy shoes, combined with my limited budget, was what made my quest for affordable footwear the most challenging.  Had I been willing to spend a lot, I could have gotten any of these:

Yet, I think every couple on a budget has to choose what they are willing to splurge on and what compromises they are willing to make.  I knew that because my dress will go to the floor that my shoes will rarely be seen, so expensive footwear was not in the cards for me. I didn't have a price in mind per se, but I went to DSW and found a pair by Caparros that met all of my standards.  They were navy and comfortable, their heels were only 2.5" tall, and I like that they have a little rhinestone accent that will match the rest of my vintage style jewelry.  Best of all, they were on sale and under $50.



  1. Pillsbury, these are SO cute! I love them.

  2. Me likey, even more than the first four you posted. And they'll be much more danceable. And yeeeeees for $50 awesome shoes!


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