October 23, 2009

My Clutch!

As I promised to share with you all the purchases I've made for my big day, here is another item I'm really excited about! I had this gorgeous bag custom made for me by Robin of UPSTYLE Design, another great Etsy vendor. I told her I was looking for a navy bag to go with my wedding colors, and said I would love to incorporate a brooch or embellishment onto the bag to fit with my vintage theme.  Instead of a brooch, she sewed the embellishment onto the bag, and I think it looks just lovely. It is so sparkly in person, and reminds me of a snowflake, which will be perfect for my winter wedding!

Here is the real life picture of the bag:



  1. Don't you just love Etsy! Nice clutch!

  2. That is so pretty and elegant !!!
    Love the navy blue.
    What a great job she did.


  3. Thanks! I'm totally addicted to Etsy, it's the best!

  4. It's so cute!! I can't wait to see it paired with the shoes and of course, the dress!!


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